B&A provides MEP design services to build new residential complexes, and custom homes, including multi-use sites with parking levels, common areas and commercial space.

Anacapa Townhomes

Oxnard, CA

B&A provided construction plans and specifications in sufficient detail for agency
approval, contractor bid, and construction. We provided new site utilities sized to accommodate the new building, calculated the required capacities for
the gas, water, sewer, electric and lighting. The scope of work encompassed the following specific tasks:

  • Calculated heating and cooling loads within the buildings.
  •  Determined gas requirements for the site based on heating loads, appliances, and other
  • Determined water and sewer requirements based on the water usage (fixture count).
  • Determined the electrical requirements based on HVAC loads, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting,
    and other equipment used.
  • Site Lighting – The site design included lighting for the parking lot and exterior lighting
    on the new building walls.