About B&A

Budlong 60 Years

B&A has been in business since 1958 with hundreds of projects in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Santa Barbara counties.

Firm Profile

Budlong & Associates, Inc. (B&A) is a multi-disciplinary engineering design firm. The firm provides mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services (MEP) to architectural firms as well as acting as the prime and project manager for various industrial facility projects. Founded in 1958, B&A has served facilities, industrial and private sector clients in and around the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara County areas. Over fifty-five years of demonstrated ability and a talent for meeting the needs of the educational, industrial and institutional client have earned B&A an enviable reputation for engineering excellence. B&A is Small Business Certified and has LEED® accredited designers.

Projects of every size and description have been completed by B&A in the last five decades. B&A’s voluminous list of projects includes designs for new construction as well as renovation and modifications to existing facilities. B&A engineers understand the unique requirements inherent to the renovation, upgrade, and expansion of existing facilities. In addition, our production capacity, quality control standards and efficiency are greatly enhanced by our extensive use of technologies such as AutoCAD, Revit, AutoSprink, EnergyPro and other engineering software.

Mission Statement

Our philosophy and goal are to team with our clients to provide high quality, accurate and cost effective engineering designs based on predetermined budgets, schedules, relevant code requirements and good engineering practice.

B&A strives to be responsive, professional, provide effective communication, coordinate efforts between the various disciplines and to be courteous in all our interactions and endeavors.

Client Principles

  • Never Settle for Simply “Satisfying” Your Client

Invent ways to over-impress and exceed expectations.

  • Be the Easiest Person to do Business With

Be agreeable. Proactively solicit needs and always respond, “Absolutely. No problem. I’ll take care of it.”

  • Be a Leader

Stay on top of your game. Be knowledgeable. Show up with an agenda. Do meeting minutes the same day.

  • Be Responsive

Respond to client calls and emails with sense of urgency.

  • Be a “Warrior” for Your Client

Always fight for your client and put their interests before your own.

  • Make Your Client “The Hero” in Every Case

Give your client full credit for every success. Client is always right.

  • When You Make a Mistake that Causes a Problem…

Never make excuses. Own up to it. Then solve the problem at no cost to your client.

  • Be a Friend to Your Client

Be trustworthy. Be likeable. Be faithful.

  • Treat Your Client’s Money as if it is Your Own

If you’re very strict and responsible with it, everyone reaps the benefits of the savings!

  • Know Your Real Job

Your job at Budlong & Associates is to serve clients in a superior way. And remember, co-workers are clients too.

  • Take Immediate Ownership of Your Client’s Problem

Don’t wait for them to ask. Seek out and solve problems. Solve “additional” problems free of charge.

  • Dress Like a Leader

Your appearance should always exude professionalism & convey respect.

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